API Visualization News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Letting Go of Excel with Data Visualizations (2015-01-05) www.swiftiq.com
Four Famous Laws How You Can Visualize Them (2015-01-22) blog.plot.ly
30+ Data Visualization Tools for Social Media (2015-02-16) blog.digitalinsights.in
Learn data visualization and data-driven journalism in a real ?Data Jam? (2015-02-18) ph.okfn.org
Visual Cloud Organization with Mohiomap (2015-02-18) blog.moh.io
Startup Offers Live Stock Data Graphics API (2015-02-18) www.programmableweb.com
Impact of vaccines throughout history (2015-02-19) flowingdata.com
How To Craft Truly Awesome Data Visualizations (2015-02-20) www.socrata.com
XOData Lets Developers Explore OData APIs Visually (2015-02-20) www.programmableweb.com
Can you visualize the structure of the world economy and population in one chart? (2015-02-25) blogs.worldbank.org
The Art of Visualizing Data to Find Actionable Insights (2015-02-26) datahero.com
Swagger APIs at a glance ? swagger.ed (2015-02-26) chefarchitect.github.io
Support for APIs.json catalogs ? swagger.ed (2015-03-03) chefarchitect.github.io
Lightning | Data Visualization Server (2015-03-04) lightning-viz.org
Introducing Keynote: API Readiness ? Visualizing and Virtualizing by Lorinda Brandon (2015-03-05) apistrat.com
Visualize the OpenShift API with Swagger ? OpenShift Blog (2015-03-07) blog.openshift.com
Girl Scout cookies differ by region (2015-03-09) flowingdata.com
10 Examples of Captivating Data Visualization (2015-03-09) blog.hubspot.com
CISL?s Data Support Section to collaborate on ?Big Data? project | Computational Information Systems Laboratory (2015-03-10) www2.cisl.ucar.edu
Multi-layered storytelling with visualization (2015-03-11) flowingdata.com
Interactive Periodic Table of Machine Learning Libraries (2015-03-11) www.mln.io
Scraping, Enriching, and Visualizing Data: A CrowdFlower Meet Up (2015-03-13) www.crowdflower.com
NCAA tournament bracket predictions (2015-03-16) flowingdata.com
The Architecture of a Data Visualization (2015-03-16) medium.com
Equality for women and girls, 20-year report (2015-03-17) flowingdata.com
Traffic gridlock simulation (2015-03-20) flowingdata.com
Epoch ? A General Purpose Real-Time Charting Library (2015-03-20) www.csscube.info
Data APIs, design, and visual storytelling (2015-03-23) www.oreilly.com
Data APIs, design, and visual storytelling - OReilly Radar (2015-03-23) radar.oreilly.com
The Architecture of a Data Visualization (2015-03-23) medium.com
Sharing the Silk Data Handbook (2015-03-26) blog.silk.co
Minimal landscape maps (2015-03-30) flowingdata.com
Telling Your Data Story (2015-03-30) radar.oreilly.com
Data Visualization cheatsheet, plus Spanish translations (2015-03-30) blog.rstudio.org
The 2015 Season Preview in Data Visualization (2015-03-30) www.hardballtimes.com
A path for redesign as critique in visualization (2015-03-31) flowingdata.com
Data Visualization Throughout History (2015-04-02) datahero.com
Data Mining The City (2015-04-02) tzuyi.wordpress.com
Growth of urban Wal-Mart (2015-04-02) flowingdata.com
Gestalt principles for visualization (2015-04-03) flowingdata.com
State Income Tax Brackets (2015-04-06) flowingdata.com
Gallons of water to produce foods (2015-04-07) flowingdata.com
Mixing Numbers and Symbols in Time Series Charts (2015-04-08) blog.ouseful.info
Are you using the new hot tool, data visualization? (2015-04-15) www.desk.com
DataHero Announces Dual Axis Charts (2015-04-21) datahero.com
Announcing the public beta of Mohiomap for Box (2015-04-21) www.moh.io
Libraries announces winners for CODE+ART Student visualization contest (2015-04-21) news.lib.ncsu.edu
The 14 best data visualization tools (2015-04-21) thenextweb.com
API Craft Boston: Visualizing your APIs with Guest Speakers from Lucybot (2015-04-21) www.youtube.com
A Look at the Empire State Digital Network (2015-04-22) dp.la
Introducing Data Lens for the Open Data Portal (2015-04-22) digital.cityofchicago.org
Why exploring big data is hard (2015-04-24) flowingdata.com
Emptied reservoirs in California (2015-04-24) flowingdata.com
The Intersection of Art and Technology (2015-04-27) 18f.gsa.gov
Prototyping a card game about datavisualisation ? Part 1 (2015-05-04) schoolofdata.org
A Course for Visualization in R, Taking You From Beginner to Advanced (2015-05-06) flowingdata.com
How To Analyze Data: Eight Useful Ways You Can Make Graphs (2015-05-07) blog.plot.ly
Visualization is growing up (2015-05-08) flowingdata.com
Simplify Visualization Updates with Data Lens: Gainesville, Florida (2015-05-11) www.socrata.com
The big companies behind organic food brands (2015-05-12) flowingdata.com
A year of earthquakes (2015-05-14) flowingdata.com
New Charts and Visualization Types: Horizontal Bar, Area and Mosaics (2015-05-15) blog.silk.co
Chicagos mobility data visualization (2015-05-16) www.behance.net
Data Visualization Course with D3.js (2015-05-18) www.thisismetis.com
Visualize Your Data in Customizable Dashboards with Tableau and Excel (2015-05-20) www.smartsheet.com
Visualisations of OA Policies that offer APC grants (2015-05-21) access.okfn.org
API Readiness: Visualization and Virtualization (Glue 2015) (2015-05-22) www.slideshare.net
9 popular ways to perform Data Visualization in Python (2015-05-22) www.analyticsvidhya.com
Every NBA team rated over several decades (2015-05-25) flowingdata.com
Picking The Right Visualization For Your Data (2015-05-27) blog.silk.co
This Map Shows the Price Of Weed In Every State (2015-05-27) www.motherjones.com
Compare your curve to reality for income versus college attendance (2015-05-28) flowingdata.com
Size of Minecraft (2015-05-28) flowingdata.com
Twilio Monitoring Within Microsoft Power BI: Analyze and Visualize Data (2015-05-29) www.twilio.com
Chess piece moving patterns (2015-06-01) flowingdata.com
Visualizing BLS Data to Improve Understanding (2015-06-05) www.digitalgov.gov
A color analysis of Western films (2015-06-08) flowingdata.com
Length of the average master?s thesis (2015-06-09) flowingdata.com
See Your Data (2015-06-09) www.yetanalytics.com
Reddit button ends, and here?s the click data (2015-06-09) flowingdata.com
How I Visualize My Time Spent Programming (2015-06-10) keenio.tumblr.com
Visualizing Your MailChimp Data With Microsoft?s Power BI (2015-06-10) blog.mailchimp.com
Oldest person in the world keeps dying (2015-06-11) flowingdata.com
On visualizing data well (2015-06-12) flowingdata.com
20 best JavaScript chart libraries (2015-06-12) thenextweb.com
EIA`s new energy visualization widget embeds interactive charts and maps... (2015-06-14) www.environmental-expert.com
Eurovision Voting Patterns: Visualize 40 Years of Data (2015-06-15) blog.silk.co
Google Sheets updated with data analysis, visualization tools (2015-06-15) www.zdnet.com
Reviving the Statistical Atlas of the United States with New Data (2015-06-16) flowingdata.com
Data Visualization with D3 and AngularJS (2015-06-19) www.packtpub.com
OpenGov Voices: Visualizing campaign finance data like never before (2015-06-21) sunlightfoundation.com
Excel heat map hack (2015-06-22) flowingdata.com
Real-Time Gauge with ChartJS and Spike-Engine (2015-06-23) www.codeproject.com
Data Visualizations: Could They Save Bristol Bay? (2015-06-23) www.socrata.com
Visualizations of Continuous Delivery (2015-06-24) blog.loadimpact.com
Dome9 Debuts Security Visualization for AWS CloudFormation Templates (2015-06-25) www.dome9.com
Presentation: Visual Storytelling With D3: A Conceptual Introduction to Visualizing Data with JavaScript (2015-06-25) www.infoq.com
Drought report cards for California water districts (2015-06-26) flowingdata.com
Flot chart using AngularJS, Web API and Json (2015-06-26) www.codeproject.com
Same-sex marriage legalized in all states (2015-06-26) flowingdata.com
A surveillance system that watches over an entire city (2015-06-29) flowingdata.com
Animated map shows Trans-Atlantic slave trade (2015-06-30) flowingdata.com
Comparison of shifted public opinion (2015-07-01) flowingdata.com
NaviCell Web Service for network-based data visualization (pdf) (2015-07-02) paperity.org
Visualising your Google Analytics data in Dataseed (2015-07-07) blog.getdataseed.com
Visualize Sensor Data from IoT Devices in Bluemix (2015-07-07) heidloff.net
Create a quiz application with Google Sheets, APISpark, Streamdata.io and D3.JS (2015-07-07) restlet.com
How to Prepare an Excel Spreadsheet for Data Visualizations and Visual Analysis (2015-07-08) blog.silk.co
Visualizing Medicare Physician Co-Occurrence Payment Data Geographically - Part 1 (2015-07-09) blog.pokitdok.com
The Future of Data Visualization (2015-07-09) datahero.com
Tableau Tip: How to Create DNA Charts (2015-07-09) vizwiz.blogspot.com
Map of just the time zones (2015-07-10) flowingdata.com
Real Chart Rules to Follow (2015-08-11) flowingdata.com
Must Atlas All the Things (2015-08-12) flowingdata.com
Fitbit during sex (2015-08-13) flowingdata.com
Analyzing Data: Eleven Graphs You Should See About The Death Penalty (2015-08-19) blog.plot.ly
A chart made from Ashley Madison data reveals 25 cities where the most people want to cheat (2015-08-19) www.businessinsider.com
Nuclear detonations from 1945 to present (2015-08-19) flowingdata.com
A chart made from the leaked Ashley Madison data reveals which states in the US like to cheat the most (2015-08-20) www.businessinsider.com
PASTEUR4OA Data Visualisations (2015-08-26) access.okfn.org
Bringing Spaces to Heroku ? Librato Blog (2015-08-27) blog.librato.com
Live cyber attack map | FlowingData (2015-08-27) flowingdata.com
Top 5 Public Data Visualizations (2015-09-02) www.socrata.com
Expert Visualizations: 5 Top Ideas (2015-09-25) www.socrata.com
Visual Information Theory -- colahs blog (2015-10-15) colah.github.io
How SearchBlox Enables Different Data Sources to be Indexed in Elasticsearch and Visualized for Analysis With Kibana (2015-10-20) www.searchblox.com
Video: CloverETL and the Tableau Web Data Connector (2015-10-20) www.cloveretl.com
jQuery Wrapper for ZingChart charting library API - ZingChart Blog (2015-10-22) www.zingchart.com
Quickly Visualize Enterprise Data with the New Chart Plugin | Appery.io (2015-10-23) blog.appery.io
What makes a data visualization memorable? (2015-11-05) blogs.worldbank.org
Mass shootings count ? Depends on your definition (2015-12-07) flowingdata.com
Data visualization design and the art of depicting reality (2015-12-10) www.moma.org
A Day in the Life of Americans (2015-12-15) flowingdata.com
10 Best Data Visualization Projects of 2015 (2015-12-22) flowingdata.com
Antibiotic history and the winning bacteria (2016-01-11) flowingdata.com
15 years of Wikipedia in data visualization (2016-01-15) blog.wikimedia.org
Data visualisation or Data narration? Data in Radio Stories (2016-01-17) schoolofdata.org
Popily launches a data visualization tool that?s as easy to use as three clicks (2016-01-19) venturebeat.com
This Map Shows Which States Make It Easiest and Hardest to Obtain a College Degree (2016-01-22) www.motherjones.com
Discover Data: 6 Great Graphs on Campaign Financing (2016-01-24) blog.plot.ly
New mPulse features: More beacon visibility, awesome data visualizations, and integration with Slack and PagerDuty (2016-01-27) www.soasta.com
Classic videogame worlds reimagined as subway maps (2016-01-29) killscreen.com
Creating Interactive Charts Using jQuery (2016-01-31) dzone.com
Visualizing Search Keyword Overlap (2016-01-31) dzone.com
Role of empathy in visualization (2016-02-03) flowingdata.com
Tableau sees some softness in spending amid strong Q4 (2016-02-04) www.zdnet.com
Members Only: How to Make an Interactive Stacked Area Chart (2016-02-10) flowingdata.com
Suite of data tools for beginners, focused on fun (2016-02-10) flowingdata.com
Gravitational wave plots on Plotly:... (2016-02-11) blog.plot.ly
How to Create a Gantt Chart in Excel (2016-02-12) www.smartsheet.com
How to Visualize Real-Time Data (2016-02-15) dzone.com
Turn Data Into Visuals: 28 Apps that Generate Reports and Charts (2016-02-16) zapier.com
Presentation: Logging Makes Perfect - Real-world Monitoring and Visualizations (2016-02-17) www.infoq.com
Silk + Google Sheet Sync: Automatically Updated Data Visualizations Every Hour (2016-02-18) blog.silk.co
GitHub - commodityvectors/d3-timeline (2016-02-20) github.com
Top 10 Data Visualization Projects on Github (2016-02-22) www.kdnuggets.com
(2016-02-22) free.law
Dynamic Graphs with D3.js (2016-02-25) blog.pusher.com
Dynamic Graphs with D3.js (2016-02-25) blog.pusher.com
Heat mapping ? A guide to creating your own visual data visualisation (2016-02-26) blog.justgiving.com
Plotting Reddit Post Frequencies with D3 (2016-02-26) dzone.com
MongoDB Collection simplifies your search and visualization (2016-03-01) www.searchblox.com
(2016-03-01) www.codeproject.com
Using SQL with HDFS log data for visualization with Kibana (2016-03-03) www.searchblox.com
What I Use to Visualize Data (2016-03-08) flowingdata.com
Building Audiosear.ch Charts (2016-03-09) popuparchive.tumblr.com
Data science for your accounting data with visualizations (2016-03-16) www.searchblox.com
Animating With React, Redux, and d3 (2016-03-21) dzone.com
Visualization Books in the Queue (2016-03-24) flowingdata.com
ZoomTimeline - Visual Composer Timeline Pack (Add-ons) (2016-03-24) codecanyon.net
Beam ? Tell your stories with beautiful charts (2016-03-24) beam.venngage.com
4 MINUTE READ How Designers Turn Data Into Beautiful Infographics (2016-03-24) www.fastcodesign.com
Build a Demographic Data Visualization Tool Based On d3.js (2016-04-03) www.codeproject.com
MIT?s new visualization tool is a goldmine for data nerds (2016-04-04) thenextweb.com
Splunk updates enterprise, cloud products with enhanced visualization tools (2016-04-05) www.zdnet.com
Data USA sets a new bar for informing the public through data visualizations (2016-04-06) sunlightfoundation.com
Treating visualization as a process (2016-04-07) flowingdata.com
Google Drive Integration is Here! (2016-04-07) www.gliffy.com
US surveillance flight paths for the FBI and Homeland Security (2016-04-08) flowingdata.com
SQL Joins Visualizer (2016-04-09) sql-joins.leopard.in.ua
Leftronic#039;s Fetch Tool Retrieves and Visualizes Data from Any HTTP API (2016-04-11) www.programmableweb.com
Working with D3 - Having an AJAX Loader Image (2016-04-12) www.codeproject.com
The Data Visualisation Catalogue (2016-04-16) www.datavizcatalogue.com
Chart: Countries Where over 80% of Electricity is Renewable (2016-04-18) blogs.worldbank.org
Interconnectedness of the galaxies (2016-04-19) flowingdata.com
Above All Else Show the Data (2016-04-25) blog.plot.ly
Here?s how a neural network works (2016-04-25) flowingdata.com
Chart.js 2.0 ? Simple, clean engaging charts for designers developers. (2016-04-26) www.chartjs.org
Tools for Data Visualization Part 2: Cleaning Data (2016-04-28) blog.silk.co
How to Create a Venn Diagram in Gliffy (2016-04-28) www.gliffy.com
How to Optimize and Visualize Your Security Groups (2016-05-02) blogs.aws.amazon.com
School district spending, against national average (2016-05-02) flowingdata.com
Creating Real-Time WebGL Visualizations (2016-05-03) www.pubnub.com
Human perception for visualization (2016-05-09) flowingdata.com
Humanizing Security Data Visualization (2016-05-10) blogs.splunk.com
Zoomdata Taps into Microservices for Data Visualization (2016-05-11) www.itbusinessedge.com
Atlas ? Eye-opening charts and data, powered by Quartz ?? (2016-05-12) www.theatlas.com
Barchart Announces Real-time, Event-based Financial API (2016-05-12) www.programmableweb.com
Tools for Data Visualization part 3: Enhancing Data (2016-05-13) blog.silk.co
Algorithm Visualizer ? Write down your algorithm to be visualized (2016-05-23) jasonpark.me
Visualizing Algorithms Before Implementation (2016-06-05) dzone.com
17 Data Visualization Tools Resources You Should Bookmark (2016-06-06) blog.hubspot.com
Best practices for Tableau Server on Google Compute Engine (2016-06-06) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Visualize and Search Your Auth0 Logs Using Sumo Logic (2016-06-07) dzone.com
A Crash Course for Visualizing Time Series Data in R (2016-06-08) flowingdata.com
WhataGraph ? Changing the way analytics are visualized ?? (2016-06-15) whatagraph.com
Ubeen ? Data visualisation tool for your Uber ride history (2016-06-22) ubeen.io
Election forecast tracker (2016-07-01) flowingdata.com
Charted history of music, from its origins to present (2016-07-06) flowingdata.com
Moving drought boundaries (2016-07-07) flowingdata.com
History lesson on data visualization (2016-07-08) flowingdata.com
How Much Alcohol Americans Drink (2016-07-11) flowingdata.com
Tree Chart Maker (Ratings and Charts) (2016-07-18) codecanyon.net
Grid map shows shifting states (2016-07-26) flowingdata.com
An interactive look at handwriting recognition from 1960s (2016-08-02) flowingdata.com
Here Are 7 Terrifying Charts That Show Exactly What We?re Doing to the Planet (2016-08-02) www.motherjones.com
Vizceral Open Source (2016-08-03) techblog.netflix.com
Sponsor: Introduction to Data Science and Data Visualization with D3.js ? (2016-08-04) www.thisismetis.com
Visualizing Your Data With MongoDB Compass (2016-08-26) dzone.com
GraphQL Concepts Visualized ? Building Apollo (2016-09-01) medium.com
ManoMarks/docker-swarm-visualizer: A visualizer for Docker Swarm using the Docker Remote API, Node.JS, and D3 (2016-09-02) github.com
Starting a project with a data visualization partner (2016-09-21) medium.com
Cooperative, Dynamic Twitter Parsing and Visualization for Dark Network Analysis (2016-09-29) my.nps.edu
Tableau 10 Gets New APIs (2016-09-30) www.outlookseries.com
Tableau API Suite Enables In-App Data Analytics, Visualizations, and Experiences (2016-09-30) www.programmableweb.com
The Entire History of Kickstarter Projects, Broken Down by City (2016-10-04) polygraph.cool
Classical music visualized (2016-10-05) flowingdata.com
Five years of American drought, visualized (2016-10-07) boingboing.net
Learning R Versus d3.js for Visualization (2016-10-07) flowingdata.com
100 years of hurricanes in Florida, visualized - Washington Post (2016-10-10) www.washingtonpost.com
SkyGiraffes Tableau connector aims to ease business data visualization (2016-10-11) www.pcworld.com
Habitat III: Data visualisation for a more sustainable future (2016-10-14) 360.here.com
OpenIDM Widgets Using the ELK Stack (2016-10-18) forgerock.org
How the Cretaceous coastline of North America affects US presidential elections (2016-10-22) kottke.org
Event Calendar Custom Visualization (2016-11-01) blogs.splunk.com
IBM engineer says AR will trump VR for data visualization (2016-11-02) www.pcworld.com
Visualizing the Evolution (2016-11-03) blog.opendns.com
A Visualization of the Human Population Through Time #makereducation (2016-11-08) blog.adafruit.com
Data Sketches, a monthly visualization matchup (2016-11-11) flowingdata.com
Buyers Beware: Data Visualization Is Not Data Analytics (2016-12-15) dzone.com
Visualization of a Phased Array Antenna System (2017-01-05) hackaday.com
Deep Dive into Data Visualization Techniques (2017-01-30) www.blogcatalog.com
Kickstart your data analysis career by mastering this premier visualization software (88% off) (2017-01-31) thenextweb.com
World Migration Map - Data Visualization by Metrocosm (2017-02-04) metrocosm.com
Visualising complex APIs using API Map (2017-02-04) hackernoon.com
Harnessing Visual Data Using Google Cloud (2017-02-06) gigaom.com
Using Data Visualization to Understand Wealth Divides in America’s Largest Cities (2017-02-07) datasmart.ash.harvard.edu
25 Visualizations Spin the Same Data Into 25 Different Tales (2017-02-09) www.wired.com
Cyber Visualization Developer - Lexington, MA, 00745, USA #jobs... (2017-02-10) jobs.climber.com
One square mile in different cities (2017-02-10) flowingdata.com
Data visualization helps us untangle the complexity of cities (2017-02-28) 360.here.com
Reflect drops public beta to power developer-first data visualization (2017-02-28) techcrunch.com
Real-Time Data Visualization Taking Hold in the Enterprise (2017-03-16) gigaom.com

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.